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1.  A non refundable reservation fee of $100 is required to reserve a puppy (will be applied to puppy purchase), make checks payable to: Zwinger Von Segen LLC. Mail to Zwinger von Segen LLC., 500 Alakawa Street #214, Honolulu, Hawaii 96817.

2.  Eight (8)-week-old puppies are $4,000.00 - $5,000.00 depending on litter. 

3.  Pick of each puppy is determined by the order in which the deposits are received and based on owners specifications.

4.  We require an email from each puppy buyer with litter desired, sex and a brief description of your pup's needs.  i.e.  Agility, Search and Rescue, Police, IPO/ Schutzhund, personal protection, or just a good family companion.  

5.  Complete payment is required 10 days prior to shipment of each pup.  Crate & shipping must also be paid at that time.

6.  Puppies will be ready for shipping at eight (8) weeks of age.  We will contact you to arrange a flight date and time.

7.  A copy of their health record, which will include their 1st vaccination and all worming up to date will be attached to their shipping crate.  Additional information on diet and suggestions on proper care will be emailed prior to shipping date.

8.  The dog will be named and registered by (specific litter letter) "von Segen".   First name according to the litter letter will be selected by kennel.

9. Mandatory completion of puppy questionnaire is required.  This will determine the right fit of puppy to owner.  Zwinger von Segen reserves the right to decline puppy sale to buyer.

Read What Our Customers Have to Say

Aloha, Michi, I hope that all is well with you and your family. I want to give you an update on our two incredible kids - we took them for their second vet visit yesterday and the stools were both clean. They got their second parvo treatment, a pill for heartworm/fleas/intestinal parasites and a general examination. Bart is now 18lbs and Berne is 14lbs and both are full of energy, do a good job of using their puppy pads and have great appetites! We greatly enjoy them every day; they're learning sit, stay and come commands and will follow you anywhere if you say "cookie" to them. Haha! Thanks to you and Wayne and the rest of the family for doing a great job with our pups! Karl & Seiko

Karl & Seiko
18 July 2017

Thank you to you and your family for the warm welcome and for beautiful Bliss. She is the best and I couldn't be happier; feel very fortunate to have her. Getting her home was a little stressful for us. She didn't like being in the crate and got sick in it at the airport. The liner was definitely a good idea. Luckily, there was no problem carrying her and having her on my lap on the plane. I've been working on getting her used to crating by feeding her inside and positive reinforcement. Yesterday, I placed her pet porter crate on the front seat of my truck and she rode inside to the vet's office, 45 minutes away! She got a clean bill of health, microchip registered, return for a booster shot next week, no office charge for that. We love our vet. Last night she slept inside the lanai crate, with breaks to go outside in the middle of the night. She was a little vocal along the way and a few little accidents but is settling in very well. She is a happy little girl and I'm quite pleased. I've introduced her to my sewing circle at the Church of the Pacific. We delivered a couple of boxes of bananas to the girls on Sunday. She has been great with my partner's dog and girlfriend's small dog who she got to play with. Tried to upload some photos from my camera which I've had no problems before but couldn't get it to work. Had a picture of her with a green coconut that she helped me drink. Thank you for the foundation work. She sits nicely but working on getting her to calm down when the food appears and then sit. Everyone loves her. Friend's daughter is crazy about her. Saw the movie about Max and wants a German Shepherd now. Anyway, she is progressing rapidly and thank you very much. Best regards.

Aloha, Inge

18 July 2017


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